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Mercer takes over DC administration

As from today (15 October), Mercer Limited has become the new administrator for the Caterpillar DC Pension Plan.

If you have any questions about your benefits in the DC Plan, you can contact Mercer in one of three ways:

Telephone: 0344 854 3338 (8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday except on public holidays)
In writing: Caterpillar Defined Contribution Pension Plan, Mercer Limited, PO BOX 434, Westgate House, 52 Westgate, Chichester PO19 3ZU

Whichever way you choose to contact Mercer Limited, you will need to provide the following pieces of information to verify your identity for security and data protection purposes:

  • Full name
  • Address, including postcode
  • Date of birth
  • Employee number or National Insurance number

Mercer OneView

One of the benefits of having Mercer as our Plan administrator is that you will be able to use their secure online system, Mercer OneView, to keep track of your retirement savings. While we transition to Mercer, there will be no access to the current member website. In the week commencing 17 December, Mercer will provide you with login details to their site. Once set up you will be able to access OneView directly through

If you want to make investment changes between 15 October – w/c 17 December you should complete this investment options change form and return it to Mercer.